Life Enhancement Coaching

When we become truly authentic and attend to our inner selves, we amplify JOY, LOVE, POWER, and ABUNDANCE. One-to-one sessions with Christine will target this work. She offers a hybrid of indigenous practices, prayer technology, pranayama (breath work) and energy healing. The result will accelerate your advancement and enhance mental, emotional and physical healing. Christine is an experienced navigator of soul “work.” She will help you see beyond the illusions of our limited human perspective into the I AM Consciousness.

Christine has a master’s in Education, a bachelor’s in Social Work, and certifications in Life Enhancement Coaching as well as Ancient Wisdom Studies. She is an expert personal transformation facilitator with over ten years experience.

Christine leads weekend retreats, medicine circles, and tours to sacred sites. One-to-one work with Christine is profoundly transformative and life-changing.

“I feel privileged to support clients in doing soul-work and self-actualization. It is an honor and a joy to work with people in this way.” - Christine

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